I.   MEMBERSHIP - Membership in the Douglas Community Club shall be available to all persons over the age of twenty (20) years who have paid the required admission fee and are current with their dues.
     II.    JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP - Junior membership shall be available to Converse County students who are not more than 20 years of age or are fulltime college students to the age of 25 or are fulltime college students to the age of 25 and whose parents and/or guardians are not members.
     III.    DUES AND ADMISSION FEES - The amount of dues and admission fees shall be established and/or modified on a uniform basis from time by the Board of Directors and:
Annual dues shall be delinquent on May 1 of each year and failure to pay annual dues on or before May 1 of each year shall cause automatic termination of membership.
USE IT OR LOSE IT POLICY - This is a fee assessed and collected by the Concessionaire and monitored by the Board. There is no assessment for January and February. Terms of this policy and $20.00 per month for Family Memberships and $10.00 per month for Social Membership. (If you spend $20.00 or more a month you will not be assessed; social memberships spend $10.00 or more a month no assessment.) This policy has been implemented to get our members to use the club house on a regular basis. If members are delinquent in their payments, membership will not be accepted for the following year.
Reinstatement as a member shall require a $50.00 payment per month or additional admission fee, whichever is less. The Board of Directors may waive this requirement due to hardship or extenuating circumstances.
Children of family members in good standing may enroll as members without paying an admission fee.
     IV.    MEMBERSHIP PRIVILEGES - CLUBHOUSE - Use the clubhouse facilities shall be restricted to the following persons:
Members in good standing
Unmarried children of family members in good standing which unmarried children are:
under the age of twenty-one years, or
under the age of twenty-five years and in enrolled in school, or
under the age of twenty-five and in the military service.
Guests of members in good standing are welcome to use the clubhouse facilities as long as they are in the company of a member. IF FREQUENT USE OF THE CLUBHOUSE IS CONTINUED BY A NON-MEMBER, THEY WILL BE URGED TO BECOME A MEMBER.
The Board of Directors may, at their discretion, extend guest privileges to groups or organizations for the purpose of furthering community development and/or well being. A fee of $250.00 may be charged for this privilege after Board consideration.
Green fee ticket holders shall be entitled to clubhouse privileges for the date that the green fee ticket is valid.
     V.    MEMBERSHIP PRIVILEGES - GOLF COURSE - Use of the golf course facilities shall be restricted to the following persons.
Regular and junior members in good standing including family members described in IV 2. above.
Holders of valid green fee tickets.
No guest privileges shall apply to use the golf course.
     VI.    GOLF CARTS AND GOLF CART SHEDS -   All private golf carts used on the golf course shall pay an annual “trail fee” to be determined by the Board of Directors at the same time that dues and admission fees are established for the ensuing year.  Because the Golf Cart Sheds are owned by the members who utilize said sheds, the Board of Directors will assess an annual fee to cover the cost of Insurance on the Cart Sheds and for Electric utility costs of the Cart Sheds.  The members who utilize the Cart Sheds are responsible for the maintenance, property taxes, if any, and repairs of the sheds.  The DCC will insure the Cart Sheds and if a claim arises from an insured loss, the money from the loss that is paid to DCC will then be used to repair the damages.  If the repair costs are greater than the insurance reimbursement, the members using the Cart Shed will be responsible for the balance.  The utility costs will be determined at the same time that the dues and admission fees are established.  If property taxes are assessed, the cart shed portion will be proportionately added to the annual fee of the golf cart shed occupants
     VII.    DIVORCE AND FAMILY MEMBERSHIP - In the event of a divorce where the parties hold a family membership, unless there is a written agreement between the parties or a court order determining the status of the membership, each party shall be credited with 1/2 of the admission fee paid. If either of the parties wish to continue a membership (either single or family) they shall be required to pay the difference between the amount credited and the appropriate admission fee for the membership. 
Clubhouse hours to be posted in the Clubhouse by Concessionaire.
Any food or beverage consumed in the Clubhouse, on the porch or on the Golf Course must be purchased from the Club food and beverage service.
Any member and/or guest guilty of misconduct, and especially any member or guest whose conduct shall be injurious to the character or interest of the Club, the Golf Course, or any member may be suspended from the Club immediately for the remainder of the day at the discretion of the Club Concessionaire, Golf Professional, Greens Superintendent, or member of the Board of Directors (or their designee).
The person issuing the suspension shall notify the Board of Directors, in writing within 24 hours of the suspension outlining details of the incident.
Any person suspended will be subject to the following:
Suspension of all rights and privileges for one week, pending a meeting of the Board of Directors to consider the circumstances surrounding the incident. Upon consideration of the evidence, the Board of Directors will determine the limits of suspension, if any.